Project Progress Update #1

This is my first “project progress update” post, and it’s late as I had guests last week and didn’t get much of anything done (in any context, sigh). I did set aside some time today to work on my site, though, and managed to make some progress. I’ve set up half of the exhibit, so today I focused on installing the plugins that will allow users to contribute materials. I followed the instructions and managed to get everything working (I created an account, viewed the submission form, looked at users from the admin side, etc.), which is pretty exciting. What I didn’t think about, though, was how to customize everything – What information do I want users to include with their contributions? Do I want to give them the option of creating a profile? What sorts of items do I want them to be able to submit? What are my site’s terms and conditions? There are so many different choices here, and while I did do some thinking about what options would be most appropriate for my site and users, I have a feeling that I will end up revising them in the very near future. This is both a challenge and a next step, as is finishing the other half of the exhibit, thinking about how to incorporate a list of additional resources, and figuring out how to add and configure the geolocation plugin.

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