Project Progress Update #4

This week I focused on revising my exhibit. Originally I had planned for a two-part exhibit but when I looked at it recently, it seemed liked I covered a lot of what I had planned to cover in the second half in the first half. I ended up revising the last section of the original exhibit to include some of the information and images that were meant for the second part. One of the additions was actually an animated map in gif form that I created with still images of maps (it was way easier than I thought it would be, thanks internet!). I also created a starting page for the exhibit that hopefully frames some of the issues, and also includes a most amazing ephemeral film about Detroit. I also focused on filling out the “related resources” page and did some digging around for open digital collections. I had already done some research to find blogs. Right now I’m also waffling on including books, too, mostly because I don’t want the list to be overwhelming. I also created an “About” page and wrote up a brief explanation. I played around a bit with the site’s appearance, but am pretty happy with it for the moment. It might be time for someone else to look at it, really.

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