Project Progress Update #3

This week I added a “Related Resources” page using the Simple Page plugin, which was very easy. I will also probably add an About page, so that users can have a brief, clear explanation as to what the site is for and what they can do on the site. I begin creating the list of related resources in a Google Doc. Right now it is primarily links to digital collections, both those specifically tied to Detroit and broader collections like DPLA (which actually links to some great Detroit materials). It would probably be good to have brief annotations for links like this, so I need to work on that. I’ve also gathered some blogs about the history of Detroit – there are several that include original research with primary materials. I’m planning on including books on the list, with links to their WorldCat entries, but am not sure about articles, since there are more of them, and the process of getting them is less straightforward than for books. I’ve not played around with the appearance of the site any more, so I need to work on that, and I also need to finish up the other half of the exhibition. Right now, I’m feeling pretty good because all of the plugins and interactive features are working.

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