Public History Project Personas

These are the two personas I created for my public history project. I actually didn’t revise them because I felt pretty confident with them the first time (I had been observing/participating in the group for over a year and I’m familiar with persona construction through library usability testing/coursework).

Based on the Brennan and Kelly article, though, I want to think about adding the ability for contributors to remain anonymous, for contributions to not be publicly visible, and for contributors to map their contributions. I also might want to include a way to tag contributions, since LCSH aren’t specific enough for this project (extremely local history) and not all of the items I’ve uploaded even include LCSH. The Kalfatovic et al. article made me more convinced than ever that a lot of this work shouldn’t be done on commercial platforms. I use Flickr Commons all of the time and really appreciate all of the images it makes available, but it recently started forcing you to log in with a Yahoo account in order to download images, and that makes me a bit uncomfortable. I do appreciate that it is now connected to Internet Archive book images, because as Kalfatovic et al. point out, silos predominate. Because of this, if my project were more than a prototype, I would want to connect it with DPLA.

The other readings mostly made me feel bad about how much technical stuff I can’t do. I really appreciated Sherratt’s and Whitelaw’s arguments and think that type of work is so valuable and interesting and then have no way of doing it myself.

Name: Carol Iverson
Demographic: white, middle-class, suburban, college, 40-65
Descriptive Title: The Nostalgic
Quote: “Does anyone remember….?”
A Day in a Life Narrative: Like Marty, Carol grew up in Old Redford and later moved to the suburbs. Unlike Marty, she hasn’t been back to the neighborhood she grew up in, but she does remember her childhood friends and neighbors and sometimes wonders what happened to them. She’s a big user of Facebook and often comments on posts.
End Goals: Carol would like to be able to reminisce and reconnect with friends and neighbors from Old Redford. She likes to look at the pictures that other people post and comment on them, but probably wouldn’t drive into Detroit to take any herself. She does have a scanning app on her phone and wouldn’t mind being about to scan and post some of her print pictures.

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