Using the Oral History Metadata Synchronizer

Clearly the oral history I annotated is not embedded in this post, but it is the one entitled “An Irish American Oral History,” which I found on YouTube (it seems to have been done for a class). I wanted one long enough to give me some experience with using OHMS. OHMS itself (once I figured out that I needed to remove the s from the https:// in the YouTube url, which took longer than it probably should have) was pretty straightforward to use. Since I spend a lot of time trying to explain how search works and the various drawbacks of different sorts of databases/indices (only full-text or only controlled vocabulary both irritate me), the idea of indexing oral histories in lieu of transcribing them made complete sense. And I have also transcribed interviews, and it is painfully slow. I tried to identify major ideas that researchers might be interested in and to not have either too many or two few index terms. If this was my own project, I would definitely try to include more actual quotes, as that’s one of the things I find so wonderful about oral histories/ethnographic work.

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