Projects: Other Peoples’ and My Own

The videos were quite helpful in both practical and theoretical ways. Sleeter reminded me that I originally conceived of my final project in terms of “uncovering” the history and context of primary sources and library systems. Wieringa and Sharpe talked about working backwards from the overarching learning objectives, which I think will be helpful for me, as those are much more defined for me right now. Sleeter also talked about how he wanted his site to model historical thinking, which is also helpful because I keep getting fixated on how my site won’t be as interactive as my library instruction sessions usually are; it’s enough to frame it as modeling and moving students toward historical thinking. My instructional goals are usually fairly modest, but I seem to think this project needs to do way more. Practically, it was good to hear that these students ended up scaling their projects back some, or that it didn’t turn out exactly the way they wanted. I’m trying to focus more on it being proof of concept, so hearing that other students had to do the same thing was helpful. These videos will probably help me procrastinate less on the final project, more than anything else (maybe we should have watched them earlier?).

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