Third Piece of the Puzzle: Audience

The audience for my project is undergraduate students, both history majors and non-majors. I would also like to make the project interesting and relevant for graduate students in history or doing historical research in other fields. I primarily work with undergraduates and there are many more of them. It would also be nice to actually use this project for some of the large introductory history classes I teach for – because they’re so large, I generally have to lecture, and it would be good to have them do some sort of activity prior to that lecture. I would also like the final project to be accessible to graduate students, because not all of them were history majors or had to write senior theses, and the same sorts of issues around primary sources confuse them. The results of this confusion are usually much worse, too. It’s usually along the lines of “but I need it for my last dissertation chapter” and the archive that held those documents was bombed during WWII.

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